We have been awarding Certificates of Appreciation since 2019. These are our way of thanking local businesses and organisations for keeping our area, including Mitcham Village, looking bright, clean and welcoming. We have just awarded five new Certificates of Appreciation.  

We have submitted our comments on the Merton Council Local Plan Stage 3 consultation, and they are avaialble here. 

Mitcham Village is teetering on the edge of losing its village character for ever. A lack of recognition of the village character by Merton Council, accompanied by the absence of positive action to preserve and enhance the village, leaves it prey to constant and increasing threat.

Our action plan provides a way to begin to reverse the threat, build on what makes Mitcham Village a great place, and look to a brighter future for Mitcham Village and those who live, work and visit here.

Merton Council is consulting on a Borough Character Study. This will become a Supplementary Planning Document, to be used to inform decisions on planning applications. We have submitted comments including expressing our concerns on the emphasis on 'intensification' and building, and restating our desire for the designation of Mitcham Village.

Merton Council is currently consulting on its new Local Plan and we have submitted our comments. The Local Plan is wide ranging and sets out how the Council will manage the borough in the coming years. Our comments present our thoughts on the Plan from Mitcham's perspective, and we describe what Mitcham Village needs to ensure its unique character is celebrated and enhanced - including its diverse culture, great green spaces and wide ranging local shops.