Merton Council’s Development and Planning Applications Committee on 14 March 2024 discusses modifications to the draft Local Plan, which is now at its final consultation before being adopted.

We have made a submission regarding Mitcham Gasworks.

Importantly, the modifications are proposed by the Planning Inspector – they are not requirements, and can be rejected by Merton Council.

We believe that proposed changes from a site capacity of 200 – 400 homes to a capacity of 500 – 650 homes, and a building height of up to 10 storeys are entirely inappropriate.

An existing planning application (22/P3620) for 595 flats in blocks rising to 9 storeys has received hundreds of objections from local people including a 660 person petition. A door-to-door survey of almost 300 people living within 100m of the site unanimously rejected a 10 storey development. Councillors in the three wards of Mitcham Village have expressed significant reservations. 

Mitcham Society paper to DPAC 14 March 2024 re Site Mi16 Mitcham Gasworks