An application for Prior Approval for a telecoms mast and several cabinets has been put forward for Mitcham Fair Green, on the grass opposite Skippers fish and chip shop. 

This application has come about because the current location at St Marks Road car park will become unavailable.

We know that in January Merton Council cabinet discussed a report they chose not to publish, and agreed its recommendations which they chose not to disclose. 

There is no way in which a telecoms mast and its cabinets have any place on Mitcham Fair Green.

This is protected green – a designation which means anything placed on the green must be for its enjoyment, which the mast is not. The mast would tower over the trees beside it and our much loved Grade II listed clock tower – thus causing harm to a designated heritage asset. It would be visible on the approaches to Fair Green, and would be harmful to the public realm.

There is precedent for Merton Council rejecting such proposals elsewhere in Mitcham, and our objection explains these.

We understand that telecoms infrastructure is important. We expect Merton Council to refuse this application, and for a different, much less obtrusive site to be found. Many masts go on the roofs of buildings, for example.

Read our objection Fair Green telecoms mast 24 P1101